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Whether you are a Landlord or Agent seeking information on a prospective tenant, or you are looking to alert other Landlords or Agents about a potential problem tenant, use The Tenant Registry, the UK’s Number One FREE Tenant Information Service. It’s a simple and quick search that will put your mind at rest and could save thousands of pounds in the process!

Searches of The Tenant Registry show how a tenant has conducted their tenancy, whether a tenant has paid the rent on time and whether they breached any terms of the tenancy agreement, abandoned the property or if they were ever evicted. 

The Tenant Registry is a platform for Landlords and Letting Agents to publish information to help other Landlords make an informed assessment about the granting of a tenancy to a potential tenant.



When Tenancies Go Wrong

If you’ve been a landlord for long enough, you are more than likely to have experienced the “bad tenant” and when it happens, it usually ends up costing landlords a large amount of their hard earned cash! We are constantly being bombarded with press releases from the likes of Shelter or from one Local Authority or another about rogue landlords and how badly tenants are treated and that they should have more protection and which they are getting. 

But what about the rogue tenants who are costing good landlords millions of pounds in lost rent, damaged properties and costly evictions?  We never hear the likes of Shelter or the Local Councils taking the side of landlords, or even understanding the landlords plight and accepting that there are two sides to this story – and in many cases, what tenants do is nothing short of theft!


Features and Highlights

The Tenant Registry has been created to suit the needs of landlords and letting agents, it would be of no use to either it it was a simple credit scoring system. The data held on the Tenant Registry is completely relevant to the landlord needing to know more about a prospective tenant. 

We are delighted with the latest release of our evolving tenant registration system and we think that you will be too.  We hope you find our system of great value and if you do, then you might pass the word on to other landlords or promote us on your Twitter Feed, or other Social Media outlets – we can’t do this alone! 

A User Friendly Solution!

The Tenant Registry is an easy to use, step by step system that prompts you to complete the tenants record and their history. Because the registry deals with specific information, which is only relevant to Landlords and Letting Agents we decided that we did not need a “scoring” system or a pass or fail system.

Our system simply returns results based on a number of relevant and important questions and you decide if the tenant is worth granting a tenancy.


Simple Step By Step System

Our system allows you to add tenants to your properties so you don’t have to repeatadly create new property records.  You can add as many tenants to The Tenant Registry as you like, in fact, the more the better.  We encourage landlords and agents to add good as well as bad tenants although we know that it’s bad tenants which attract most of the interest here!.

Our step by step system will breeze you from the registration process through to the search function, it’s easy, intuitive and you will want to use it over and over again.


The No. 1 FREE Tenant Information Service

  • Access The UK’s Largest FREE Tenant Information

  • Quickly Search The Tenant Registry for good and bad tenants.

  • Free and Simple Registration for Landlords and Letting Agents.

  • Free Landlord Alert Service.

Register for FREE !


Tenant Registry is for verified members only, so  before you can use the Tenant Registry, you must register. Registering is FREE and quick to do.  It’s a simple registration process and once completed, you can either upload a tenant record or search the record system for a match with your tenants.




Help Is On Hand

Most Landlord who arrive at this site, do so because they either have or are having a problem with a Tenant. We understand the frustrations so we offer a number of Free and Premium Downloads to help you deal with situations that arise during and beyond tenancies. Learn More

Comprehensive Information

Our clean and clear simple to use site masks the sophistication of our database and the associated filters which will return accurate and relevant information. If the tenant you are searching for is listed on The Tenant Registry, you will be provided with comprehensive information on the conduct of their current and past tenancies.

Tenant Registry - Simple To Use

The beauty of the Tenant Registry is that it’s a very simple system to use. It’s simple to add tenants and simple to search for them, and that’s just what we wanted to achieve when we created this system. There are other sites offering Tenant Information Services, but we believe that ours is unique and that’s because we prefer simplicity and we think you will too!

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