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Tenant Registry Offers What Is Probably The Most Comprehensive Tenant Eviction and Property Possession Service. Whether you are a Landlord needing hand holding Legal Support or you are a Landlord confident to do it yourself, we offer the on-line systems which will help you. Simply select the service which best suits you and let our software do the rest….

You Can Create A Compliant Possession Notice, On Line – Quickly!

If you want to do this yourself, our on-line system is quick and easy to use. When you need to create a possession notice, whether it’s a Section 8 or a Section 21 Notice, it really should look and feel professional, any mistake or ineligibility with your hand writing which may Tenant Registry On Line Possession Notice Systemcause confusion could result in a delay or in the notice being enforceable. Don’t take any chances, if you are going to issue a notice of possession on your tenant, and you are going to do it yourself,  then make it clear and concise and make it professional.

All you need to do is to simply answer a few questions about the tenancy, the property and the tenant and our Simple On- Line System will create a professional looking notice ready for you to serve on the tenant


Use Our Intelligent On Line System To Create The Correct Possession Notice, Quickly And Ready To Serve….

If you are unsure of what to do or you don’t understand the legal process or you don’t have a clue which notice is the correct one to issue, then you really shouldn’t attempt this yourself, and you should use our On Line Intelligent System to help you make the correct decision.

Tenant Registry On Line Possession Notice SystemWe have created what we believe is the first “intelligent Notice” system for creating and issuing eviction and possession notices.

You don’t need to have any experience or knowledge of the eviction process whatsoever to create and issue the correct notice, whether that’s a Section 8 Notice or a Section 21 Notice, our system will do it for you.

Tell us a bit about the tenant, tell us a bit about the tenancy and a bit about the property and the system will assess the case in full and create the correct Possession Notice relevant to the tenancy circumstances, dated and ready to serve on the tenant – it couldn’t be easier!

Or, Our In House Lawyers Will Deal With The Whole Process For You.

Occasionally, we come across tenancies which are so legally complicated that even a sophisticated and intelligent system such as ours cannot decide the best legal route to take.

And then there are times when a Landlord needs an arms length servTenant Registry On Line Possession Notice Systemice because they may not wish to deal directly with the tenant, maybe they live a distance from the property, or perhaps there’s been a break down in their relationship with the tenant.

Our Legal Referral Service is perfect in situations such as these. Our experienced in-house Lawyers will handle the possession notice process, from start to finish with as much or as little involvement as you wish.

Tell us a bit about the tenant, a bit about the tenancy and a bit about the property and our in-house Lawyers will assess the case in full and create the correct Possession Notice for the circumstances, ready to serve on the tenant.

Simple Notices

  • Select Your Notice
  • Complete the on-line form
  • Creates Professional Notices
  • Section 8 Notice-Printed & Ready
  • Section 21 Notice-Printed & Ready
  • Upgrade To Intelligent System
  • Comes with comprehensive notes
  • Download Immediately
  • Print, Ready to Serve

Simple On Line Notice

Select the possession notice you require, either a Section 8 or Section 21 Notice, complete the tenants details, the property details and your details and instantly create a professional Section 21 or Section 8 Notice, which comes with comprehensive notes and is ready to serve

Intelligent On Line Notice

  • The software will create the notice for you
  • The software will examine the tenancy
  • No legal experience needed
  • Easy to follow
  • Section 8 Notice-Dated & Ready
  • Section 21 Notice-Dated & Ready
  • Comes with comprehensive notes
  • Download immediately
  • All Notices dated and ready to serve.

Intelligent On Line Notices

Use our Intelligent System to issue an enforceable Section 8 or Section 21 possession notice. There’s no need to be a lawyer or to even have an understanding of the possession process, our On Line Intelligent System will create the correct notice and date it ready for serving, it couldn’t be easier!

Intelligent On Line Notice

  • Full case assessment
  • Handled by experienced lawyers
  • Unconventional Tenancies
  • Violent Tenants
  • No Written Agreement
  • Tenancy Deposit Issues
  • HMO Licensing Issues
  • Section 8 Notice
  • Section 21 Notice

Legal Referral Service

There are times when a Landlord needs an arms length service, maybe they don’t wish to deal directly with the tenant themselves, or maybe they live at a distance from the property, or perhaps there’s been a break down in their relationship. Our Legal Referral System is perfect for situations such as these a hands off service tenant.

Badly Set Up Tenancies, Deposits Not Registered, De-ruglation Act Not Complied With, Sub-Lettings, Complex Housing Benefit Cases, Violent Tenants….

 Don’t  Know What To Do ? Don’t Worry, We Deal with All Kinds Of Tenancy Situations and All Kind of Tenants, Even The Very Bad Ones!

Our main priority is to legally evict your tenants and get your property back quickly and in the most cost effective way possible and the Legal Team at Tenant Registry are here to help you. Whichever one of our flexible services you choose. We will help you alleviate the pressure and anxiety that you are going through and which the tenant eviction process causes.

If you have bad tenants or you are encountering any of the following difficulties, The Tenant Registry Legal Team can help;

  • Your tenant(s) are not paying their rent or are regularly late with their rent payments.
  • Your tenant gave false information to secure the tenancy.
  • Your tenant refuses to leave the property after the fixed term tenancy agreement has come to an end and you want your property back.
  • Your tenant is causing a nuisance, is anti-social or has breached one of the conditions of the tenancy.
  • Your tenant is carrying on a trade or business at your residential property without your permission.
  • Your tenant is in breach of an obligation contained in the tenancy agreement.
  • Your property has been sub-let.
  • You have a violent or aggressive tenant(s).
  • You have squatters or trespassers in your property.
  • You simply want your property back.

The process for evicting tenants is now well established and there are only two ways you can gain possession of your property;

  • Section 21 Notice  (also known as Accelerated Possession Notice) is probably the most well known notice Read More.
  • Section 8 Notice   (Grounds Based Possession).Is used when there has been a breach of the tenancy or where one of the “Grounds” applies – Read More.

What you must understand is that these Notices are legally prescribed documents and as such, must be correctly drawn up and correctly served.  Any mistake, either on the Notice or with the setting up of the Tenancy, will result in the Notice being unenforcible with heavy costs incurred.  Whilst we encourage landlords to know the law and to understand the process, we do not encourage landlords to attack this process by downloading a free notice and simply setting about filling it out!

If you must do the possession yourself, then at least spend your money wisely and use a system that will help you, like ours!  Our intelligent system has been designed to recognise if the tenancy was set up correctly and whether or not it complies with all aspects of the requirements needed to issue the notice.



Grounds Based Possession (Section 8 Notice)

If the tenant does not leave the property when the notice expires, you have no option but to seek a Court Order, you cannot simply change the locks or kick them out, that would be illegal!  And, if you have to take the tenant to Court to obtain a possession order, you really should have a professional draw up the documents and where necessary, represent you at the hearing.

The Lawyers at Tenant Registry will draw up the appropriate court documents, witness statements, collate rent statements and present the eviction case to the court for the relevant hearing.


Accelerated Possession (Section 21 Notice)

In cases of accelerated possession, The Tenant Registry Lawyers will draw up the court documents and present the possession case to the court for approval. If all conditions are met, you will gain possession of your property.


Court Advocacy Service

In cases where the tenant puts forward a defence or requests a hearing, The Tenant Registry can provide an experienced lawyer to attend the court and represent the landlord. It’s often a good idea to instruct our advocacy service for Section 8 cases as these cases can sometimes become quite complex when a defence is entered.


Court Bailiff Service

Unfortunately, there are times when a Bailiff has to attend the property to physically remove the tenant. When this happens, we can draw up the necessary paperwork and arrange for the attendance of the Court Bailiff to take possession of the property.

Accelerated Possession

  • Case Review
  • Drawn up by Legal Experts
  • Possession Order Application
  • Full Case Management
  • Case Tracking & Court Updates
  • Possession Guaranteed*

Accelerated Possession

An Accelerated Possession is probably the best guarantee of obtaining possession of  your property. Providing that all the legal requirements have been met with regards to the  Notice, a mandatory possession order will be granted by the Court.  Recent changes in the law (De-Regulation Act) means that if the prescribed information wasn’t given to the tenant at the outset of the tenancy, gaining possession will be highly unlikely. It’s therefore vital to present this correctly to the Court.


Grounds Based Eviction

  • Drawn Up By Legal Experts
  • Witness Statement Drawn Up
  • Legal Experience Essential
  • Guaranteed Possession*
  • Section 8 Notice-Dated & Ready
  • Section 21 Notice-Dated & Ready

Grounds Based Eviction

Where a Grounds Based Possession is required, it is essential that the case is water tight because, unlike the Accelerated Possession Process, the tenant is entitled to put forward a defence. The majority of Grounds based situations deal with rent arrears so it’s imperative that the information provided to the court is accurate.  Putting the case together correctly and presenting it to the court in a clear and concise way is essential to the success of the eviction request.

Bailiff Eviction Service

  • Full case assessment
  • Handled by experience lawyer
  • Full case assessment
  • Section 8 Notice
  • Section 21 Notice
  • Full Completion Notes

Bailiff Eviction Service

Unfortunately, there are some tenants who simply refuse to leave the property, even when they are no longer legally entitled to occupy the property. The only legal course of action, recognised by the courts is to instruct the services of the Court Bailiff. We will correspond with the Courts to arrange for the bailiff to attend the property and gain legal possession, evicting the tenants if they are still in occupation.

If you would like to talk to us about gaining possession of your property, simply complete the form below and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.


Our Court Eviction  Service does not include the Court Fees.  At the time of writing (Sept 2016) the Court Fees for Possession hearings is £355.00.  Our Bailiff Eviction Service does include Court Fees.

*Please note that court advocacy attendance fees are not included in our Court Service charges. If you require representation at court, we will quote you our charges at that time. Currently (June 2016) our charge for the Court Advocacy Service is £160.00.